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Aloha, my name is Kūmū and I will be your guide in this lesson.


I will be teaching you about Hawaiian ways to mālama i ke kai. Mālama i ke kai means to take care of the ocean. 


E komo mai, come, let's learn about taking care of my ocean home.

Answer a quiz question about conservation

Watch a video about taking care of the ocean.

What does mālama i ke kai mean?


Mālama i ke kai means practicing conservation in the ocean.


Conservation means taking care of the environment so that it is healthy in the future. When we practice conservation, we make choices that protect the environment from harm.


Learning more about the ocean environment can help us make good choices to mālama i ke kai.


How can we mālama i ke kai?


One way to mālama i ke kai is by taking only the fish that we need. Taking too many fish today, means there will be fewer and fewer fish left in the future. Leaving enough fish in the ocean allows them to reproduce (make more young fish).

Video credit: Maui Huliau Foundation

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